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Sexy Model Photos

Sexy Model Photos Available Light, Nothing More Specifications Camera: Olympus OM-D, EM-1 Mirrorless Lens: Olympus Zuiko 40-150mm f/2.8 Zoom Aperture: f/2.8 Focal Length: 80mm effective Shutter Speed: 1/320th ISO: 800 White Balance: 6000K Camera Mode: Manual Lighting:...

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Reflectors, Not Just Light Sticks

Reflect, Don’t Project I’ve conducted hundreds of photography workshops for almost 17 years now, practically all over the planet, and someone will always bring their own reflector or flash of some type, though we provide photographic lighting gear at all our...

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Photography Light Sticks, Gimmicks?

1500 Lumens, Same Brightness As A 100-watt Light Bulb "Yeah they’re cool looking, but let’s face it, put LED’s in a Louisville Slugger baseball bat and you’re not going to hit the ball any further—you got to know how to use the bat." — Rolando Gomez Over a year ago I...

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Tan Models Instantly In Photography

Photography White Balance Technique Most models today watch what they eat and have read or heard about melanoma, skin cancer, so many will not utilize the sun’s harmful UV rays to tan their skin outdoors anymore than going to a tanning salon. Many actually use “spray...

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High-Key, One Light, How It Was Done

No Background Shadows Lighting Technique High Key, One Light, White on White Specifications Camera: Canon EOS 5D Lens: Canon 85mm f/1.2L USM Aperture: Setting: f/11 Shutter Speed: 1/125th handheld ISO: 100 Focal Length: 85mm effective White Balance: 6000K Camera...

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Sexy Bikini Photo Shoot

Infinity Pool Beauty Sexy Bikini Photo Shoot Specifications Camera: Canon 5D Mark II Lens: Canon 85mm f/1.2L USM Aperture: Setting: f/16 Focal Length: 85mm Shutter Speed: 1/200th handheld ISO: 100 White Balance: 6000K Camera Mode: Manual Lighting: Hensel Porty Premium...

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Playboy Playmate Photo Shoot, How It Was Done

Playboy Playmate Photo Shoot Digital Medium Format Photography Specifications Camera: Leica S2, Medium Format DSLR Lens: Leica 180mm f/3.5 APO ELMAR-S Lens (145mm equivalent in full-frame 35mm format) Aperture: Setting: f/11 Shutter Speed: 1/125th handheld ISO: 80...

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Fine Art Photography, Photos, Muses, And Writings

Americano Dream is about spreading the gospel of photography through professional photographer Rolando Gomez. Follow him as he builds his fine art photography galleries for collectors and connoisseurs, plus enjoy his photos of his visual journey through photography. Rolando’s photography collection features shades of fashion, editorial and limited, fine-art nudes, archival-quality photos and more.

Rolando, besides his photography services, also offers photography workshops and guided photography travel adventures plus mentorship opportunities . Join him, learn and improve your photography.  Follow our blog on Bloglovin.

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