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Sexy Model Photos

Available Light, Nothing More


Camera: Olympus OM-D, EM-1 Mirrorless
Lens: Olympus Zuiko 40-150mm f/2.8 Zoom
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 80mm effective
Shutter Speed: 1/320th
ISO: 800
White Balance: 6000K
Camera Mode: Manual
Lighting: Ambient room light from various windows.


At our recent back-to-back photography workshops we introduced a new model, Lanei, and she was a hit with all the photographers and allowed us to capture some sexy model photos. While professional lighting equipment was available for the photographers to use, including the Profoto B1s, B2s and even a new D1 monolight, I chose to photograph her without flash, something my Olympus mirrorless camera allows me to accomplish with ease.

The Story Behind The Photo

The Background

As we prepared to start the first of two, back-to-back photography workshops in Las Vegas, I met Lanei for the first time—she came recommended by another local model that often appears at my workshops and events. I explained to Lanei the expectations and how the workshop functions when it came to the other models, the photographers and myself. She was pleased and projected an amazing attitude and showed me what she brought to create some sexy model photos.

At these workshops I focus more on helping out the attending photographers and ensuring the models are ready to go for each set more than stopping to take my own photos, and usually when I do, it’s because I’m conducting a light check or if a photographer is asking me to give a demonstration on how I would capture an image. In this particular case, I had already checked the sets of the other three models working with the photographers when I came into Lanei’s set in the master bedroom of our location.

Sexy Model Photos

This photo was taken during the workshop with ambient window light.

The room featured a “panoramic” view, basically two sidewalls and the back wall full of windows, so the light entering the room was beautiful. When I looked at Lanei and how the light was striking her, I decided to grab my mirrorless camera and once the photographer that was photographing her finished, I jumped in for about five shots, this being my favorite. It’s hard for me to pass up beautiful filtered window light and not capture some sexy model photos when everything is perfect.

The Challenges

The first challenge was to wait until the photographer attending my workshop was finished. Actually this was more a benefit than a challenge as it allowed me to study how the light was striking Lanei so when it was my opportunity to shoot, I was sure to capture some sexy model photos too. Plus, when I’m on set, it allows me to observe the photographer in action, make recommendations, view and review their photos they’ve captured—it’s always about hands-on learning. Our goal is great photos, not mediocre photos.

The second challenge was to ensure the model, Lanei, someone that I had never worked with before, was comfortable when it came to work with me. Not knowing I would photograph her when we first met earlier that morning, that first handshake and introduction was the begging of building rapport. Rapport is very important when working with models, especially if you’ve never worked with them before, on top of if your focus is some sexy model photos. Your model must be comfortable working with you because ultimately it doesn’t matter what the model is wearing or not wearing, as it’s all about her face.

So besides the start of the rapport building that morning with Lanei, I also like to make the models laugh with some jokes or funny quips. I explain this to the models and the attending photographers that when someone smiles, or laughs, it relaxes the facial muscles which helps guarantee that your model’s face will not photograph “tight.” You want to capture a relaxed face, the perfect smile when the corners of the eyes are in harmony with the corers of the lips.

The third challenge was to ensure I obtained a proper exposure, since I wasn’t using the flash system we had set up for the set—some of the photographers shot this set with flash, some with ambient light, some both. This challenge is easy to overcome with the image stabilized Olympus mirrorless camera, so I just out of habit quickly set the ISO at 800. I could have easily shot the series of five sexy model photos I took on this set at ISO 400 or even 200 as I was shooting wide aperture at f/2.8 and with an image stabilized sensor in the camera, every lens I attached becomes stabilized, not to mention there are no vibrations of mirrors found in DSLRs.

No real excuse, perhaps I was tired from traveling since we had just done a workshop in Orlando and was a little lazy, or maybe I was more concerned with not taking away from any shooting time of the next workshop photographer that was waiting to capture his own sexy model photos. Regardless, this higher ISO with a wide-open aperture allowed me to capture a clean, crisp, photo at 1/320 shutter, which was more than plenty.

In the end, we overcame our challenges rather easily and Lanei provided some great looks and poses for all the photographers attending my photography workshop, plus myself, to capture some great sexy model photos. She’s a natural and we had her model the next day for our editorial nude photography workshop, and she’s already confirmed for the next Las Vegas photography workshops in April and July.

The Safety

There were no real safety concerns during the creation of this photo, though we do make sure to properly secure the light stands to ensure they don’t fall. We also ensure that all electrical cords run underneath the light stands so any stand will slide if someone were to trip over an electrical cord. If you do not place your power cords under the stand legs, and someone trips over the cord, chances are your light will fall completely over and be damaged vs. sliding across the floor to possibly avoid any damage.


Shutter Speed

Focal Length


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