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Photo of one of our models at the last Atlanta Photographer, Model Extravaganza.

We are living in a new world today where photography is at it’s most heightened state, more cameras in more hands, more public exhibition of sexy images in more social circles than ever, and thus, there is more pressure on women to seek assurances of their self. Some call it exploitation; some call it a social addiction or obsession, while others call it a need for self-assurance and social acceptance.

Regardless what you call it, without trying to sound chauvinistic, we must recognize this hunger for photos is primarily of women. Selfies or actual professional photos, I’m not going to rehash what I covered in an earlier article, Like Me, My Life Depends On It, but in reality it boils down to social acceptance through likes, shares, comments, faves, etc., depending whether you’re on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other various social media channels.

Everyone has a social acceptance goal, and if you’re a man with a lady in your life, it’s a plus if you’re up to par in your photography skills. Sure, with a good smartphone you can take a photo and make it great with a free photo app, but women can do that with selfie sticks—you want her attention, then pick up a semi-pro to professional digital camera and hone your photography skills. Get with the program and show your love, or future love, you are smart enough to handle a camera. Intelligence is a handsome characteristic in a man.

I have photographed thousands of women since before the Internet, and from that experience I can tell you, they tend to like photographers that know what they are doing. If you feel your photographic skills are a little subpar, then the only way you can improve upon your skills is to practice with your woman, and with digital cameras instead of film, it’s fun, it’s inexpensive, and if neither one of you are happy, just hit the delete button and start over. You can also gain a lot of knowledge on how to improve your photography here on Americano Dream plus other websites like

Make photography part of your date night! While you can read more on how to make your date nights successful in my latest book, “Taming The Trouser Snake, A Man’s Guide to Relationships, Romance, Sex and More,” the act of photographing your lady is sexy too!

According to my love and muse, Heather Carden, the counterpart to Americano Dream, “Simply put, photography can make you feel one of two ways, good or bad. With the good comes a feeling of sexiness as well as an acceptance because as a human, we often need those reassurances, especially from the one we love.

While Rolando and I often practice planned photography, whether it’s for our Americano Dream Photography Adventures or a fine art gallery photography concept, spontaneous photography on a date night brings more passion to the evening. Think of the act of a man taking photos of his woman the same as a woman wearing lingerie for her man.”

What man doesn’t like his woman in sexy lingerie, especially on a date night? In fact, if you want to impress your lady, plan a date night and tell her you have a surprise for her later in the evening. Take her to dinner, and preplan with the wait staff where someone will bring her a dozen roses to the table just before the main course is served. Throw in a box of her favorite chocolates too.

Then when you arrive back home, open a bottle of wine, and then present her with a nice boxed set of lingerie. When she excuses herself to try it on, grab your camera, remove the lamp shade off your table lamp, make sure you’re at a high ISO with a fast lens, and then surprise her that you want to photograph her beauty. With today’s camera’s, especially one like the Olympus, Panasonic and Sony mirrorless cameras, you only need ambient light as your source of illumination. In fact light from candles and even a fireplace can add a nice warm tone and mood.

Have fun with it. Show her the LCD screen along the way. You are a couple in love having fun in a romantic setting, trust me, the camera will make it different than other date nights because you are doing something together, besides the obvious, that focuses on your lady’s inner and outer beauty. There is truth in the saying, “If you dress sexy you look and feel sexy,” and trust me, your woman will feel sexy in her lingerie especially if you are photographing her—just don’t forget to communicate as your shooting, tell her she’s beautiful and you love what you see.

Now in the end you probably won’t have much to post on social media because these photos are an intimate part of your lives, but she’ll feel more accepted by your actions than any selfie she’d post on social media. This type of romantic fun is good for yourself and herself, but more important, it reinforces your relationship with your lady.

Not sure if your photography is up to par, or how to approach this with your lady, well then join us for one of our photography adventures or hire Heather and I to work with you and your lady with our “couples” package—make it a long-lasting gift for her! Well I’ve got to plan for a future date night, so I’ll close, but remember, please don’t forget the men and women who proudly serve to protect our nation—God Bless them, their families and friends, Rolando.

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