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Nose Grease Photography Technique

A great time to experiment with the nose oil photography technique is when light is behind your subject.

A Simple Photography Technique

At my photography workshops, I’m always advocating that depressing the shutter is only five-percent of the equation when it comes to creating photographs—pictures are easy, just pick up your smartphone. Photographs though require a little more use of your mind, including understanding technical knowledge along with a little creative talent, but have you ever thought that your nose might help you too?

Model Photography Techniques

With the nose oil technique, light behind or to the side of you model works best.

Yes, your nose. No I’m not talking about being aware of the smells around you, unless you’re working in a hazardous location; instead I’m here to tell you that a little bit of “oil” off your nose with a swipe of your index finger can add a great element of mood to your photographs.

It’s really simple. If you’re right handed, just take your index finger and place it along the vertical edge of the right side of your nose, press lightly, and slide your finger down and away from your face, then take that same finger surface area and swipe it across the front of your camera lens. Depending how much oil your body has, you may have to get more oil from the left side of your nose, obviously if you’re left-handed, you’ll start on the left side too.

This photography technique works best with one or two swipes across your lens. When you double swipe, try to space them apart so the center of your lens is not affected. It’s OK to get your lens dirty with body oil, after all, once you capture the photos you need, just clean your lens carefully—don’t store your camera lens with the nose grease still on it.

A few quick tips when you use this natural body oil photography technique. It works best when there is strong light, or specular light sources behind your subject, or light striking your subject from the side. Sometimes you might have to remove your lens hood if you have one attached to the front of the lens in order to take advantage of the nose oil flare. If you don’t like what you see, carefully clean the lens and use nose grease on the opposite sides of the lens from where you originally had placed the nose grease.

Your Nose Photography Technique

You can see here on my Olympus Mirrorless camera lens where I’ve placed two horizontal swipes of nose oil on the glass.

Play with it until you get the look you want and you can also get a different affect by raising or lowering your aperture values, but don’t forget to adjust your shutter speed for proper exposure of the photograph. The beauty of digital photography, especially with the newer mirrorless cameras where your viewfinder is based on what you see is what you get, or WYSWYG, you can see your results on the fly and adjust your oil film placement along with your camera exposure settings until you get exactly what you’d like to capture.

In the end, when you use your mind plus your nose, you stand a great chance to capture some great photos you and your subject will love. Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to photography, though always take precautions and when it comes to the use of nose oil on your camera lenses, don’t forget to carefully clean them when you’re done.

As always, I close by reminding you to please not forget the men and women who sacrifice everyday to protect our nation, God Bless them, their family and friends. Rolando

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