Maui Glamour Photography Adventure

A Photographers Paradise With Beautiful Models

March 22 – 26, 2018, Thursday – Monday 

Maui Photography Adventure Overview

Ever want to get away, like to really get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and photograph beautiful models in a Hawaiian paradise like Maui? We’ve got an exclusive adventure deal just for you that allows you to shoot & learn. Fly into Kahului Airport (OGG), rent a car, and for the first few days we’ll stay in the Kahului area then move over to the Kaanapali side of this paradise island for the final part of the adventure. We’ll provide recommendations on hotels. The idea is to minimize road travel and to maximize the shooting daylight hours as we have select locations just for you. This semi-private hands-on adventure is very limited in size and provides a more intimate learning atmosphere than you’d find in a large photography workshop.

Maui Glamour Photography Workshop

We’ll photograph models with the beautiful eucalyptus trees that showcase their colored barks.

The Particulars

You pay for your own lodging, meals and travel, and we’ll provide suggestions of our recommended hotels of choice.

You must be physically fit to walk a city block and lift 25 lbs. We will provide some lighting equipment, but don’t hesitate to bring your on camera flash if you’d like, though not required. There is light hiking.

You must have the passion to photograph up to four beautiful models. This type of landscape photography is fashion, glamour, beauty, and nude. The days are long, thus late dinners along with early mornings — you will get tired by the time you have to leave, but you will treasure every moment and leave with amazing photos. A landscape photographer’s dream, eucalyptus trees, black and white sand beaches, waterfalls, sunsets, and more.

Every past Maui photography adventure has included repeat customers and the photography adventures sell-out due to its limited size. So act now before it’s too late.

Camera requirements are any type of camera, preferably 35mm DSLR or mirrorless, medium or large format photography is optional. Lens focal range, from 24mm to 300mm, though a typical 70-200mm lens is all you need. A back-up drive to download your images every evening and/or a laptop computer is highly recommended. Professionalism is required, we’re there to capture beautiful images of beautiful models in beautiful locations. Safety is number one.

Secure Your Spot Now, Bring a Guest at No Additional Fee

We’ve used PayPal securely now for 18 years and recommend this secure option. If you prefer another method, please contact us at gophotog (insert at symbol here) with your contact information and best time to call. PayPal also offers a six-month payment option plan. Secure your spot now for the Maui Glamour Photography Adventure with the button below. Act now before it’s sold-out as we keep this travel photography adventure petite. If you see the button secure PayPal button below, we still have room. The “early-bird” cost is only $1499 per person with no additional fees for your guest.

Right On Your Camera

When it comes to photography, it’s best to get it right in the camera and you’ll love what you see on our Maui Glamour Photography Adventure


Maui Video

We’ll work with SUNBOUNCE reflectors for some great photos!

The Itinerary

Due to the logistics of arriving in Maui, we’ll all make an attempt to meet for dinner on Thursday evening, should your travel schedule not get you in by 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, we’ll all meet on Friday morning at the designated hotel lobby in the Kahului area. We ask that once you have your travel itinerary, that you email it to us so we’ll know when you’re arriving. Feel free to come early and visit the island’s beaches, volcano, waterfalls, etc., explore while you wait, or tour after our photography adventure ends.

  • Thursday – Arrive by 6:30 p.m. for dinner at designated location
  • Friday – Photograph beautiful models at beautiful locations with a mandatory lunch break. Dinner as a group. Focus on the infamous eucalyptus trees and sunset on a nearby beach.
  • Saturday – Photograph beautiful models at Black Sand Beach, followed by lunch then off to Pipiwai trail to Waimoku falls where we’ll hike through a bamboo forest. Dinner as a group.
  • Sunday – Check out of hotel. Morning photography critiques, followed by lunch then check into designated hotel in Kaanapali. Photograph beautiful models in the Kaanapali area. Dinner as a group, The Old Lahaina Luau is optional.
  • Monday – Depart on your leisure.

The Old Lahaina Luau is an option for Sunday night provided availability. Our island guide will make arrangements and their is an additional cost associated with attending. We highly recommend it.


Our number one concern is your safety, the models safety, and group safety as a whole. When you sign up for the Maui Photography Adventure, you do so with the understanding that your safety is a joint responsibility, in layman’s terms, you are doing this photography adventure at your own risk and fully understand we are on natural land surrounded by nature, canyons, cliffs, rocks, water, trails, etc. We do not control nature or Mother Nature and even though we provide a safety briefing on location, you accept and assume all responsibility for your safety and indemnify Americano Dream and its employees, and/or Rolando Gomez from all liability when it comes to your safety and well-being. If you use common sense, you will not experience any safety issues, but understand, it’s everyone’s responsibility, including yours, to stay and act safe.

Photographic Gear

You must bring your own camera equipment and we recommend any mirrorless or DSLR digital camera, but bring what you are comfortable with. Your lens range should be from at least 24mm to 200mm. As a minimum, our favorite is an f/2.8, 70-200mm zoom lens. Another lens favorite is a 24mm to 80mm zoom. Prime lenses like an 85mm are nice too, but not required. Bring a spare battery and plenty of digital storage cards and either a laptop or some type of drive to back up your photos each day.

Photography Knowledge Requirement Level

This photography adventure is open to all levels, but places an emphasis that you seriously want to capture some great photos and take your photography up to the next level. Our only knowledge requirement is that you know how to turn the camera on, we’ll help you with the rest, from white balance to aperture settings and the best ISO and shutter speed settings too. Plus we’ll show you what to look for to get it right in the camera.

Guest Policy

You are free to bring a guest at no additional charge from us, with the understanding they will not interfere with the group while conducting photography. They are welcome to join us as we capture the beautiful Maui island and what it has to offer, though you are responsible for all their expenses, safety, and well being. They are also welcome at all breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Meals and Drinks

You are responsible for all your meals and drinks. The idea of not making this an “all-inclusive” event is this allows you to choose what you like, not what we like to eat or drink. This concept saves everyone money and allows everyone to order, eat and drink what they want. We also allow any photographer to purchase a meal for our models.

Model Releases

Model releases for this event is $100 per model at the end of the event ($400 for the entire event). These are mandatory releases, not optional like other workshops, paid on the last day of the event. These releases are provided and allow you to use the images for commercial use and the only restriction is prohibitions for adult related material — nudes are artistic and glamour nude only and in limited areas.


You must be physically fit enough to walk at least one mile per day, so bring comfortable hiking shoes. Paradise weather is the norm, so hat’s and sunblock are recommended.

Cancellation Rules for the Maui Glamour Photography Adventure

This is a first-come, first-serve event limited in size, and because of the logistics that must be planned ahead of time, this is a non-cancel event; should you need to cancel, we will work with you to help you find a replacement, however, no guarantees and no refunds, though we’ll do our best to offer you some type of future credit. Because of the size and expenses associated with this limited style travel photography adventure, we cannot accept requests for refunds when the cancellation is on your behalf, though we will take each situation on a case-by-case basis and work with you the best we can. Don’t get left behind; don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity. It’s very limited in size, so don’t delay, act now before it’s sold-out!

The Guide

Rolando Gomez, Photography Travel Adventure

Rolando Gomez has traveled to 45 countries on assignments for almost 40 years — he’s worked with many photo editors and knows what it takes to get photos published, including a cover-story for Parade magazine, circulation 32 million printed copies, co-illustrated with the late, Pulitzer prize winner, Eddie Adams.

In 1994, when Rolando was an active-duty combat photographer, the Department of Defense honored him as one of the top military photographers in the world.  This is the type of veteran, hands-on photography experience you’ll capitalize on your travel photography adventure.

Photography Travel Adventure

Our Customers Do The Talking

It’s your first time? No worries. From beginners to advanced, read the testimonials from actual customers, just click here!

A Travel Photography Adventure, Not A Workshop

The Maui Glamour Photography Adventure is a journey on an island paradise and while hands-on instruction is provided, you will not feel like you’re in a classroom workshop.

A Rare Opportunity

These Maui photography adventures are conducted once per year and always sell out as we limit the amount of photographers to a very small group.

The VIP experience; make memories and masterpieces!

Act now before it's too late!

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