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Photo Critiques, Portfolio Reviews, Photography Consultation

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Photo Critiques, Portfolio Reviews, Professional Photography Consultation

I’m constantly asked to critique photos and review portfolios. In fact, while a guest speaker for several of the annual FotoFusion events in Florida, I was one of the persons, along with other photographers plus photo editors from major magazines that gave a “portfolio review” session for the attendees—and I did many portfolio reviews throughout those years. These review sessions were $95 per person for 15-minutes.

Photo Critique, Camera

When it comes to photography, it’s best to get it right in the camera.

I met many people and enjoyed giving those portfolio reviews, which basically involves photo critiques, portfolio presentation review, plus photography advice. One photographer took my portfolio review so serious that he asked me what I’d charge for private instruction. I gave him my price, and he wrote me a check on the spot for three days of private instruction plus travel expenses for a future date.

He hired me again the following year for four days as this is a man who knows the value of the return on your investment—at the time he was a VP of Merrill Lynch and was ranked by Barron’s as one of the top financial advisors in Florida, and his clients start with a minimum of a $24 million financial portfolio.

I took great pride and enjoyed working with “Jim,” and when he isn’t reviewing financial portfolios, you’ll see him photographing the Miami Dolphins NFL football games. He’s also a published wildlife photographer too! jim knew the power of investment in knowledge and paid me to help him improve his talents with photography. The proof is in his photos, he’s an amazing and accomplished photographer today.

Now not everyone has Jims’ budget when it comes to many days annually of private instruction, and I understand that, so I’ve decided to bring photo critiques to you, written and telephonically, and of course, you can always inquire about in person photo critiques with private instruction too. All the latter is designed to take your photography up a level or two and to give you a better understanding about your photography, regardless if you’re after publication credits or not—it’s about getting it right in the camera.

Everyone Takes Photos, You’ll Learn to Take Great Photographs

Everyone takes photos today, whether it’s with their smart phones, mirroless cameras, DSLR’s or just a simple point-and-shoot compact camera. And that’s great! But what our photo critiques will provide you is the ability to take great photographs, not mediocre photos! There is a difference and we’ll show you how just by critiquing your photos. Your portfolio is only as good as your weakest image. Sure, there are tons of photo critique forums, services, etc., some free, some less than $7, but ask yourself, who’s doing the critiques? What are their credentials? Do they follow the 10-Steps to Critique Your Photos? How much will your return on investment bring you for $7?

Portfolio Reviews

In 1994 the Department of Defense honored me as one of the top military photographers in the world.

Besides my credentials found in my bio here, I’ve given lectures on how to critique photos and portfolios as well as other topics at the Los Angles Center of Photography (formerly Julia Dean Photo Workshops), the Austin Photo Expo, Photo Plus Expo New York, Samy’s Camera Los Angeles, Palm Beach Photographic Center, the University of Texas, Austin, the University of the Virgin Islands, and the University of Calgary, Canada just to name a few. So rest assured, you will get a professional photo critique and review of your photos.

As a professional photographer and author I guarantee you your photos will be thoroughly critiqued by me. You have three options to get this personal one-on-one service, either by a personal phone call at your convenience, or a written, in-depth, photo critique using the 10-Steps to Critique Your Photos format, or both, a written critique followed by an in-depth telephone, one-on-one consultation.

Plus Get A Discount Coupon Now

Currently all photo critique options include a discount coupon, of equal value that you spend on your photo critique, good for any of my photography workshops or any of the Americano Dream Travel Photography Adventures. The coupon is valid for one year from date of purchase of your photo critique. Basically the way the coupon works if you spend $100 in a photo critique session, you will receive $100 off any of my photography workshops and/or the Americano Dream Travel Photography Adventures. Total credits, or coupons, cannot exceed more than 50% off the advertised event price and any remaining credits can be used for future events. You won’t lose! This is a limited offer available today, but it will not always be offered, so act now, don’t delay!

Option One, Phone Consultation Photo Critique

With this option, you actually have two choices. Once you make your payment securely through PayPal, you will either send your photos, or a link to your photos on line that you want critiqued, to me. You will also email us with the best days and times to contact you, along with your phone number. You will choose whether you want a 30-minute photo critique consultation, or up to one hour. You can have up to 15 images critiqued for the 30-minute session, or up to 30 photos critiqued for the one-hour session. The 30-minute session is $99; the 60-minute session is $179. We’ve used PayPal securely for 16-years now! Act now and select your option below.

Photo Critique Call Option

Option Two, An In-Depth Written Photo Critique

You will receive a personal written critique of up to three, five, or 10 photos; choose your option. The critique of each photo will follow the format of the 10-Steps to Critique Your Photos. You are allowed to publically share this critique if you like, provided you credit me and provide a link back to the 10-Steps to Critique Your Photos article on

The price for three photos critiqued is $99, for five photos $149 and $249 for ten photos. These written photo critiques are a minimum of 500 written words and on average 800 to 1,200 words. To give you an idea about word count, this entire webpage is slightly over 1500 words. We’ve used PayPal securely for 16-years now! Act now and select your option below.

Photo Critique Written Option

Option Three, An In-Depth Written Photo Critique Plus a Telephone Critique Consultation

With this option, you will get one personal consultation phone call with me for up to one hour of your submitted photos, up to 30 photos. During the phone consultation, you will choose up to five photos where I will follow up with an in-depth written photo critique using the 10-Steps to Critique Your Photos format.

The idea is that we often forget what we heard or say, so the written photo critiques become a valuable reference for your own inspiration throughout your photography. This is by far the best value and is currently $279. We’ve used PayPal securely for 16-years now! Act now and select your option below.

Photo Critique Combo Option

Special Instructions 

Once you select which option and type of photo critique, review and consultation you want, please email your photos to me (insert the at symbol here) If you have opt’d for a telephone option of any kind, please include least three best days and at least three best times you are available for your phone conversation. Note, if you are outside of the United States, we use Skype or if you can initiate your call to us via Viber.

Portfolio Critiques

This cover photo for Rangefinder magazine was taken during one of my Virgin Islands photography workshops.

When you email your photos, please title each photo, even if it’s photo one, photo two, etc., but please include a brief paragraph describing what your intent was, or the concept, when you took the photo, plus your camera make and model, your lens, your shutter speed, white-balance, f/stop and lens selections along with the type of lighting you used so we can have an idea of what you were trying to accomplish.

Please include any additional information such as limitations, location, or conditions when you took the photo that helped, influenced, or detracted from the shoot itself. If you submit a natural light photo, please include the time of day the photo was taken, especially if the photo was taken outdoors. Please also let us know your level of experience.


We do not critique any adult images, however, fine-art nudes, or glamour nudes, are acceptable. We critique almost every genre of photography at every level of photography.

Once Payment Is Made

We travel often, so please be patient. Most written photo critiques are done within 48-hours or less. Rolando writes these himself, not through dictation, and as an author and writer, he edits, re-edits, etc., any of his writings before releasing—another plus for you, a professionally written, and edited, photo critique. Any photo critiques done via phone, are dependent on your schedule and Rolando’s, but normally they are done within one week or less of payment.

If you have paid for a phone critique/consultation, please include your phone number, best days and times to call in your email. If you are outside the U.S., please include your Skype and/or Viber information.

Coupon Conditions

All photo critique options include a discount coupon, of equal value that you spend on your photo critique(s), good for any of my photography workshops or any of the Americano Dream Travel Photography Adventures. The coupon is valid for one year from date of purchase of your photo critique. You can combine coupons for any photo workshop or photography adventure provided they do not exceed 50% of the advertised price of the event. You can transfer any remaining credit to another photography workshop and/or photography adventure, provided the event is not sold-out. This is a limited time offer.

Thank you, Rolando Gomez


Rolando Gomez, Photography Travel Adventure

Rolando Gomez has traveled to 43 countries on photojournalism assignments for over 35 years—he’s worked with many photo editors and knows what it takes to get photos published, including a cover-story for Parade magazine, circulation 31 million printed copies, co-illustrated with the late, Pulitzer prize winner, Eddie Adams.

In 1994, when Rolando was an active-duty combat photographer, the Department of Defense honored him as one of the top military photographers in the world. For four years he was the personal photographer to Gen. George A. Joulwan (ret.), the former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe. This is the type of veteran, hands-on photography experience you’ll capitalize on your photo critiques, portfolio reviews and photography consultation..

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