Back to the Ranch Photographer Model Event

Featuring VIP Guests and Verified Plus Guest Models on 300-Plus Acres!

We’re back with another “Back to the Ranch” event combined with our original “Q,” or BBQ concept, that started it all in 1999 and we’re funneling it all into a one day, photographer and model event. The concept is simple, learn plus network while you have fun and capture some great photos.

Photographer Model Photography Event

Rolando talks to a group of photographers during the last Photographer Model event. Shot on location.

Back to the Ranch was a three-day event and the Q was only a half-day event and they each served a purpose. Today people are short on time in our high-speed, high-tech society so we’re going to give you the best of both events in one day—Saturday, Oct. 14th at a private 300-acre location complete with large barn, lodge, pavilion, historical buildings and more located northwest of Atlanta in the suburb of Ball Ground, Georgia.

Join Rolando and his special VIP guests for a day full of events plus a great BBQ at the end. The schedule is subject to minor changes, but basically there will be classes and time to photograph some beautiful models on a 300-acre location filled with great backdrops. We will award some prizes at the end of the event, for example, a California Sunbounce Mini reflector with a retail value of $200, a framed 11 x 14 from EZPrints of your best photo. Note, this is not a workshop, this is not a drill; this is an actual photographer and model event.

Tentative Schedule
8:30 – 9:00 a.m. Arrive on location, sign-in, meet greet.
9:00 – 10:00 Classroom: Introductions, Property Overview, Photography Tips
10:00 – 12:30 Outdoor Photo Sessions With Verified Models, Hosted by VIP Photographers
12:30 – 1:15 Working Lunch, Classroom: Raise Your Printing to New Levels, David Egolf G7 Expert and CMP Master Trainer
1:15 – 2:15 Classroom: Working With Agency Models, Q&A with VIP Jenni Lubo, Click Model Agency Director
2:15 – 3:00 Break, Mingle and Download Images, Critiques
3:00 – 3:30 Classroom: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Workflow Techniques
3:30 – 6:30 Outdoor Reflector and Scrim Techniques, Photo Sessions With Verified and Guest Models
6:30 BBQ, Networking, Model Releases, Critiques, Prizes Awarded, Hoedown
9:00 p.m. Event officially ends.

All times and events subject to change and final itinerary will be provided at the event. All shooting sessions are one photographer at a time per model; we do not allow “gang” shoots or “over-the-shoulder” shooting at none of our events. VIP photographer instructors will be on hand to help you capture some great photos too.

Lock Your Spot Now

Please use the PayPal button below to secure your spot now. We’ve used PayPal securely for 17-years. You must be over 18-years of age to attend. Select either the “photographer only” option or the “photographer plus guest” option. Guests are not allowed to model for other photographers or photograph our models.

Again, secure your slot now before it’s too late, once this photographer model event is sold-out, we’re sold-out! This PayPal button is only to secure your slot into this event. This does not include verified model release fees. Previous attendees, please use the Loyalty Program PayPal button further below.

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We believe in on loyalty to our previous and frequent customers. If you are a previous customer, and we will check our rosters, you are entitled to an event discount for your attendance fee only.

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Verified Models Confirmed to Attend (click on images)

Verified Models Confirmed to Attend (click on images)

This event will feature veteran models that have worked our previous photography workshops and adventures are chosen based on their past experience with Rolando and/or his VIP photographer guests.

Our models are professionals. Our photographer model event covers fashion, glamour, and beauty photography. Not all models pose nude. Nude or implied nude photography will fall under the scope of glamour or fine-art nudes only.

Models from the previous 17 years of our photography workshops and adventures include Playboy Playmates, an American Idol star, state beauty pageant winners, published magazine cover models, and more. Our models and shoots are publication quality.

Model Photo Photography Workshop Orlando

Photo of Dilara from our Orlando Photography Workshop.

Model Releases
At the end of the day model releases will be signed and delivered to photographers at the rate of $40 per model release for our models. Model releases are mandatory for each model photographed. Expect a minimum of six, models and up to eight total models. All attending photographers will work with all models. Total for releases is $240 to $320 depending on the amount of models attending. More models are added as the event fills. Releases are provided and are for commercial, non-adult use.

Application does not guarantee confirmation. All models will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance. There is no application fee, however, if you are confirmed there is a $20 attendance fee for models to cover event expenses.

Important Information

Minimum Requirements
These events are open to photographers and models of all levels, but you must be at least 18-years of age or older.

You must be physically fit enough to walk a city block and lift 25 lbs. We will have some battery portable lighting equipment and California Sunbounce reflectors, scrims, etc. Ironman physique and qualifications not required.

Make-up Artists and Assistants
There will be several make-up artists and assistants to help out at this event. While it’s not mandatory, we will have a “tip jar” set up for them, so budget accordingly if you can—if you can’t, we understand and ask that you at least thank them before your departure for their hard work.

Location, Hotel Booking Areas
The location is a private 300-plus acre farm in the North Cherokee area, about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on traffic, northwest of Atlanta. Recommended hotel booking areas are Canton or Cummings, Georgia. These two suburbs puts you within 30-minutes of this secluded location. Location is given only to “paid” attendees.

Model Photo Photography Workshop

Photo of Halie from our recent “Model Photographer Extravaganza” photography event held in Atlanta.

Inclement Weather
This photographer model extravaganza event is set up for both indoor and outdoor shooting as the location sits on over 300 acres of beautiful land along a river. The location offers several buildings including a lodge, huge barn, plus many covered areas should there be any bad weather. We’re hoping for nothing but great weather in the cooler month of Oct., and there is plenty of outdoor possibilities plus “open-shade” areas outdoors too. Indoors is not a problem, plenty of room! As a disclaimer, should there be a serious inclement weather event, i.e., a hurricane or something similar, we will reschedule the event for a future date.

Camera Equipment Info
Camera requirements are any type of camera, preferably 35mm DSLR, SLR, or mirrorless, though medium or large format is optional. A camera with a hot shoe is preferred. Lens focal length range from 24mm to 200mm, though a typical 70-200mm lens is all you need. Prime lenses are great too; something like an 85mm lens but anything in the 50-105mm range is best. A back-up drive to download your images and/or laptop computer is recommended. If you have an older Sony (Minolta) camera, please ensure you have a hot shoe adapter or PC cord connection.

Model Photo Photographer Event

Photo of Halie from our Mississippi workshop. We will show you how this was post-produced in Photoshop.

Lighting equipment is provided but you may bring any lighting equipment you prefer, all we ask is that you bring your camera. An on-camera flash, or speed light can often come in handy, though not required. The shooting location provides for unique photos very few photographers in the world would be able to capture without spending thousands of dollars in expenses and you get it for a fraction of the cost.

Indemnification Liability Waiver
Because this event is held out in the country, all attendees will sign an “attending at your own risk,” written liability and indemnification waiver. You must be 18-years of age or older to attend and you agree to attend at your own risk upon signing up for the event. Safety comes first and we ask you to consider that the event is out in the country, not the city, and as such, you must take extra precautions to avoid such things as poisonous plants, snakes, ticks, scorpions, wild animals, Sasquatch, etc. Common sense applies.

While previous events at this location have been problem free, we still must advise you about the possibilities and have done so and will repeat safety warnings at the event itself. By signing up for this photographer model event, you do so at your own risk, and we are not responsible for any accidents and/or travel logistic issues you may incur with your transportation carriers.

Spousal or Guest Policy
We will allow your spouse or guest to attend the event at a extra charge to cover event expenses. Spouses or guests are not allowed to photograph any of the models with any type of camera. Any spouse or guest that does so will pay that model for a model release at the full rate, no exceptions. This is a large piece of property with limited transport to various shooting spots so any transport seats are made available to attending photographers, models and VIP’s first.

Should there be no transportation available, the spouse or guest will remain at the event headquarters (the lodge) until return of his/her spouse or guest. In layman’s terms, we have no problems with spouses or guests attending, but please understand we may not have room for them to attend the actual shooting venues, so they might get stuck hanging out at the main lodge watching television. Spouses or guests must sign an indemnification waiver in order to attend and remain on property.

All announced prizes guaranteed to be awarded and should you win, you agree to be responsible for any taxes if applicable. You must be present to win any prizes, as they will be awarded toward the end of the event.

Sunbouce Photography Reflector

One of the door prizes includes a California Sunbounce Mini reflector.

Transportation and Lodging Plus Location Info
You are responsible for your arrival and departure. Event fees do not cover transportation, lodging, incidental expenses and any expenses associated with travel to and from the event location and/or logistics. There is plenty of parking. Dress comfortably as we’ll do some walking on the property. Bring some sunscreen and/or bug spray for your protection. There is no designated bus route to the event.

Adult Beverages and Smoking
This is a bring your own bottle event should you desire adult beverages, however, we will encourage and enforce “drink sensibly” and ask that you come with a designated driver as we are not responsible for alcohol related incidents or your actions. Adult beverages are not allowed until the BBQ portion of the event. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas and cigarette butts must be placed in ashtrays. Anyone caught throwing cigarette butts on the ground will clean the toilets after the event.

While we want everyone to have fun, we also want everyone to be professional, courteous and use common sense. We ask for total respect toward each other and towards each other’s photographic gear. Everyone is subject to being asked to voluntarily leave the property for improper conduct.

Basically, common sense applies, so don’t get drunk and belligerent or you’ll be asked to leave, and if you don’t, we’ll have a badge take you to someplace where you’re more accepted and can utilize your lack of people skills there. We take respect seriously. There will be security at the main location to ensure safety and security at the event. We have a zero drug tolerance—in other words if it’s not prescribed by your doctor, don’t bring it.

Table dancing is not allowed, unless it is cleared beforehand through management.

Food and Drink
While we will not provide adult beverages, we will have some water, iced tea and some sodas available. Adult beverages brought by you are not allowed until the BBQ portion of the event. Our lunches are simple sandwiches and chips plus water, soda or tea. Please let us know if you have any food allergies. We will have salads available for the non-carnivorous types. This is a BBQ, but we can grill you some veggies too. Please keep in mind that cows are vegetarians.

All sign-ups are non-refundable. Once you lock in a spot, we can only try to help you find a replacement if you cannot attend, however, there are no guarantees and so if you sign-up plan accordingly so you will not have to cancel. We will look at each case individually should you need to cancel but if we make a favorable decision and can’t find you a replacement; we can only offer future photography adventure credits. These types of events require locked-in sign-ups due to their small size and prepaid costs, so there are no refunds.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, or a portion of the event, please contact us at gophotog (insert and @ symbol here), with the subject line, “Event Sponsor,” and please include all your contact information and your specific sponsorship proposal.

Don’t Get Left Behind
Don’t get left behind; don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity. It’s very limited in size, so don’t delay, act now before it’s sold-out!

Rolando Gomez, Photography Travel Adventure

Rolando Gomez has traveled to 45 countries on photojournalism assignments for over 35 years—he’s worked with many photo editors and knows what it takes to get photos published, including a cover-story for Parade magazine, circulation 32 million printed copies, co-illustrated with the late, Pulitzer prize winner, Eddie Adams. In 1994, when Rolando was an active-duty combat photographer, the Department of Defense honored him as one of the top military photographers in the world.

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