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Quite sometime ago, I published a “note” on my Facebook fan page about the difference between an amateur photographer and a professional. I tweeted it out on my verified Twitter account, and it received some great retweets and life went on. So now I’ve decided to share it here on Americano Dream with updates and al little modification to turn it into a 100-percent accurate quiz to see if you are an amateur or professional photographer. The test doesn’t lie!

Simply study the tidbits about why you might be an amateur photographer, then take the quiz to determine if you are an amateur or a professional, there isn’t any intermediate or level—the only requirement, once you complete the test, you must share the results and link to the test on your social media networks.

The “amateur or professional photographer” test is scientifically proven and 100-percent accurate. This test is actually used in the photo industry as an HR standard when interviewing candidates for employment. This test is also used by the U.S. government to interrogate potential expert witnesses. Now read below then at the end, take the test!

A long time ago, in a photography workshop far, far away, I asked the photographers, “What’s the difference between an amateur and a professional photographer?” The most common answer was “that a professional photographer gets paid and an amateur photographer does not.” There is some truth to that, but the best answer is that a professional photographer knows what makes a great photo and only shows you their best images—we all take bad photos.

However, you just might be an amateur photographer IF you…

  • …have a main camera that accepts incoming phone calls and text messages.
  • …always shoot on automatic white balance mode.
  • …always shoot in any automatic mode.
  • …don’t know the difference between an f/stop and a bus stop.
  • …have a primary lens that is always a 50mm for your 35mm DSLR.
  • …think “focal plane” is a low-flying aircraft.
  • …have a primary lens that doesn’t go lower than F/4.
  • …think shutter speed is relative to speed traps.
  • …think white balance is a tied to your laundry.
  • …think a zoom lens gets you there faster.
  • …think a wide-angle lens is anything beyond 90-degrees.
  • …think a telephoto lens makes you an astronomer.
  • …think an underwater housing is a new subdivision by the sea.
  • …think the Sunny 16 Rule is tanning in the sun on the 16th of the month.
  • …think the Golden Hour is your hour when you first wake up.
  • …confuse the terms “photo editing” with “editing photos.”
  • …tell a model to show up at the exact time you want her at your location.
  • …think color temperature is measured in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • …spray and pray with the camera’s motor drive.
  • …think a model release means when a model is released from jail.
  • …think a property release means you can give someone your property.
  • …think a photographer’s release is a colleague being released from jail.
  • …think Rembrandt lighting are lights on Rembrandt paintings.
  • …think “open shade” means to part the tree branches and let the light in.
  • …think a mirrorless camera was made for vampires.

Well there you have it, my top 25 reasons why you might be an amateur photographer but there is only really one scientifically proven way to find out, and you must be honest to guarantee accuracy, take the test!

Proceed to the 100-percent accurate test to see if you are either an amateur or professional photographer, there is no in-between it’s one or the other and remember to share your results with all your social media friends; click the start quiz button below:

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