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Travel Photography Adventures

A Visual Journey With The Americano Dream Team

Travel Photography Adventures


Travel Photography Adventures

The Americano Dream Team experience in Rome with client Tom G., and Rolando’s team including Italian photographer Walter Fantauzzi.

Join professional photographer and author Rolando Gomez on one of his travel photography adventures. He’ll bring you the experience of traveling to 44 countries, and help you capture great photos while enjoying your travel photography adventure. You will share their passion in photography, travel, culture, and even foodie explorations as he mentors you into “seeing” and capturing those great images along your visual journey.

Lone Tree, Harbour Island, Bahamas

One of Rolando’s shooting spots is the famous “Lone Tree” on Harbour Island. This photo of one of his muses was from a previous Bahamas Photography Adventure on Harbour Island.

Whether you’re after a travel photography adventure, or a travel photography adventure with models, you’ll enjoy your experience and learn great photography plus capture memorable photos along your visual journey—photos and memories to cherish for eternity. It’s about taking your photography up a notch or two in a conducive and casual environment.

Our travel photography adventures are tailored to your needs, from beginners to the more advanced photographers, as there is no photographer that is just alike, so we focus on each attendee as an individual to ensure you have an understanding of what to capture while ensuring excitement found in a unique vacation experience. After all, what good is a great vacation if you don’t have the great photos to share with family and friends?

We’re there to ensure you great photos plus a great vacation travel experience—and we have the testimonials to prove it along with over 16-years of hosting photography workshops, speaking at photography events, plus lecturing at colleges and universities.

Rolando’s travel photography adventures come with one guarantee, you’ll be satisfied with the results and you’ll be proud to say you were part of the Americano Dream travel photography adventures experience.

As not all photographers are alike, Rolando offers different arrangements of his travel photography adventures, however they all share one common thread, you are there to enjoy your travel experience while capturing great photos and leaving inspired with your photography elevated at least a notch or two from when you arrived.

Travel Photography Adventures

Rolando is a seasoned traveler that has visited over 44 countries—so you could say, they have a wee bit of experience in ensuring you are in for a treat in your travels with them. He is there to help you with your photography and answer any questions you may have—pick their brains—ask him about photography, traveling, culture, or just about any topic. Chances are he will have an answer for you and if he doesn’t, he’ll research it or help you find the answer.

This is what Rolando and his creative team strive for, to ensure you enjoy yourself while gaining knowledge plus building friendships within the group. And it all starts with a small group, anywhere from two to ten photographers, depending on the adventure arrangement. We’re not into formats; we like to think of ourselves as “format free” so we can arrange things to bring everything and everyone together for one great travel photography experience.

Horizon, Bahamas Photography Adventure, Model

This photo of Ashley during our Bahamas Photography Adventure incorporates an upper horizon line just beneath her shoulders, though not through her neck, or eyes.

Travel Photography Adventures With Models

These travel photography adventures include everything mentioned above, plus with the opportunity of having professional models in front of your camera for some fashion, glamour, beauty, and in some cases, fine-art nude photographs to add another element of your travel experience. These types of adventures have different requirements and restrictions based on various factors, please see each event for details.

Americano Dream VIP Experiences

Not into small group travel photography experiences? Not a problem, we’re all about spreading the gospel of photography, plus the power of photography to help build or rebuild self-esteem, so we offer several private solutions.

One solution is our Americano Dream Photography Mentoring Program designed for the serious photographer who wants to learn over a 12-month period of time. Open to all levels from beginners to advanced, this is a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience where you’ll receive personal attention to your photography; no workshop distractions, we focus on just you and your talents.

Photography Mentoring Program

Rolando will work with you “hands-on” to improve your photography in the VIP Photography Mentoring Program experience.

We also offer a catalyst for couples that will spice up an existing relationship, the Americano Dream VIP Experience for Couples. A professional make-up artist and hair stylist will help your lady with professional hair, make-up, styling and even posing, while Rolando provides hands-on personal photography instruction. You’re the photographer and your lady is your model for the day. It’s an valuable memory in your journey together that you’ll cherish forever, something every couple should experience at least once in their lifetime. Totally confidential and private, guaranteed to crank up the fire within.

Perhaps you prefer to give your lady a gift few women receive, the Americano Dream VIP Experience for Her were your lady is “made over” by a licensed cosmetologist and hair stylist and she is guided with styling and posing Your lady is photographed by Rolando and pampered by this VIP experience. You’ll both have photographs, not pictures, to cherish for eternity.

Choose one of the three, or combine them for your own unique and personalized experience then come join us on one of our travel photography adventures. Regardless of your choice(s), we guarantee an experience that you’ll cherish over time—and the great photos to prove it!

A Rare Opportunity

The Americano Dream, Travel Photography Adventures are limited in size, so act now as this is the true experience not many can claim.

Not Everyone Will Have The Chance

These are a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experiences handcrafted from concept to creation and small in size, so join us, or be left behind.

It's About You

The Americano Dream Teams makes it about you! It’s your VIP Experience to cherish for life!

See The Testimonials

Not sure if you want to join us, it’s your first time? No worries, from beginners to advanced. read the testimonials from actual customers, just click here!

Travel Photography Adventures, come make memories and masterpieces! You are the VIP!

A rare opportunity for passionate people, very few can say they've experienced it. What are you waiting for?

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