Dream Team VIP Experience For Her

Give Her The Americano Dream VIP Experience

Americano Dream Team VIP Experience Comes To You

Limited to 12 Lucky Ladies Per Year!

Glamour Model Photography

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While Rolando has taught over 700 photography workshops in the past 16 years, he’s also taken hundreds of thousands of photos for almost 40 years. He wrote the book on photographing women; in fact, he wrote five books and co-authored another on photographing women, so you can’t go wrong with Rolando photographing your inner-and outer-beauty.

But now you get more! Have your wife, girlfriend, fiancée, or significant other get the Americano Dream Team VIP experience, first with a licensed cosmetologist (hair, make-up, etc.) where she will style your hair, style your clothes, and provide a complete makeover to amplify your beauty.

The team of these two professionals, the make-up artist and Rolando, will provide you or that important woman in your life with the most ultimate beauty photography VIP experience. You will consult privately with Rolando and his make-up artist to determine what is best for you or her. You decide, fine art nude, fine art beauty, fine art fashion, fine art boudoir, etc., this dynamic creative duo will bring out the best in you. It’s a VIP experience limited to very few subjects per year as their hectic schedule limits their availability.

Whether it’s for you, your man, or whomever, Rolando and his make-up artist keep everything strictly confidential. Choose one day, two days, or even more plus the location of your liking, and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Non-disclosure agreements are available if required too.

To book your stellar American Dream Team VIP experience for her, as long as you’re over 18 years of age and under 120 years of age, please email Rolando at gophotog ( insert the at symbol here ) gmail.com. Please include your full information, especially your contact number(s) and best time to call. Please provide us with your age, any ideas you might have, and we can assure you all inquiries are handled with full confidentiality.

Serious inquiries only, prices start at $5999 plus expenses. A 50-percent deposit is required at time of booking. Limited availability and booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is your day or her day, you choose, we just provide the Americano Dream Team VIP experience!

A Rare Opportunity

Limited to 12 lovely women per year!


Very Few Women Can Claim

This is a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience where Rolando will and a licensed make-up artist will provide the ultimate beauty experience for the woman of your dreams and she’ll be one of the few in this world that can claim she’s had the Americano Dream Team VIP Experience!


A Private Shoot

This isn’t a photo shoot in the local mall, this is the ultimate VIP experience at your private location with complete confidentiality for the most important woman in your life.


The VIP Experience, making memories and masterpieces of your lady!

A rare opportunity for only 12 women each year! Your photos become collectible!

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