American Dream vs. Americano Dream

The Journey of Rolando Gomez, Photographer, Writer and Author

His Americano Dream

Today the American Dream is sometimes debated as a false hope, and while there is some substance to these arguments, we’ll let the scholars figure that one out. The “Americano Dream” however, is the frontier faced by Rolando Gomez, a U.S. Army active-duty military veteran and a native Texan of Latin descent whose focus on the art of photography and writing has provided successes and challenges.

Here Rolando shares his photography, his tips, his wisdom, and his love for the art—welcome to their Americano Dream.

The Americano Dream is more than a blog, it’s a website that incorporates visuals, words, and audio so you can associate with Rolando and his thoughts. Hear it through your ears, and live it through his eyes. It’s about relating to his struggles, solutions, and success when it comes to photography and writing.

Face his hurdles, love, and passions he shares, and pass it on to others so he can continue to share his photographic life with you and others. Thank you!


Books Authored

Author of seven books, co-authored one, featured in four.

Rolando's Photography Highlights

Rolando’s first camera, age of nine. High school head photographer, 15. Photographed Red Adair, 16. Personal photographer to Gen. George A. Joulwan, 27. Photographed President’s Bush, 29; Carter, 30; Clinton, 36. Selected by the Dept. of Defense as one of the top-five military photographers, 32. Parade Magazine cover story with Eddie Adams, 37.

Listed In Wikipedia

Listed in and “verified” on Twitter plus Facebook.

Americano Dream Logo

What The Logo Means

The logo design subtly represents the DNA of Rolando Gomez, born in United States, with his roots traced back to Spain and Mexico.

The letters “A and D,” are obviously the initials of the name “Americano Dream.” They are placed together like a “brand” at the end of a branding iron, as Rolando, originally from Texas, spent many summers working his grandparents’ cattle ranch. It also signifies and Rolando and his belief in faith and God, as A.D. is from the Medieval Latin Anno Domini, which translates to “in the year of the Lord.”

The color chosen for the letters “A and D” is a royal shade of blue representing the blue found in the United States flag.

The arrow itself is chosen for its association with many Indian tribes and the red color represents that found on the U.S., Texas, Spanish and Mexican flag along with the blood spilled by many to protect our freedoms. The direction of the arrow means protection. Arrows themselves symbolize direction, force, movement, and power.


Faith And Family

We value God and understand the importance of family.

Forward Thinking

We forgive our past and look forward to our future.

Problem Solvers

We are not fighters, but we won’t die on our knees either.

We Work For You

We come from poor families and started with nothing.

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